Battle of Stamps #6: autumn it is

There we go: a new battle of stamps. Rain is actually pouring down in Amsterdam, so much for this editions theme. Have a good time looking at all the beautifully carved and printed autumn-impressions and thank you all for joining!

For the occasion, I made figurines and animals out of chestnutstamps:


Delphine joined the battle with a complete set of sweet autumnstamps:








Caroline gave her own great interpretation of autumn and mushrooms:


Lidwien knows all about a certain autumnfrustration:


Flo (figue) and Sarah (physalis) looked at the upside: what does autumn bring us:



One month down, two more to go, Mélanie!:


With, I hope, not too much spiders on my way, Karen:


La Fabutineuse went mushroom picking in the forest and found us:


Bernardine got into a festive mood and combined Halloween with Sint Maarten:


And last but not least, Bronia decided autumn is all about falling leaves:


It was very enjoyable to receive all your pictures and see what autumn brings you! Hope to see you at a next Battle.


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8 reacties op Battle of Stamps #6: autumn it is

  1. Mélba schreef:

    Hello ! Hier is my stamp :
    Bravo to everybody !! Have a nice day !

  2. La fabutineuse schreef:

    Hello !!
    Here is my participation to your Battle 🙂
    Thank you for This idea, and congrats to everybody !!! Have a nice day

  3. Karen schreef:

    Ilse, wat een leuke kastanjefiguren! Mulifunctioneel, met losse stempels kun je alle kanten op. And Delphine, I especially like your boots! Made for walking in the autumn woods :).
    Very nice paricipation of everybody, again. Visiting the blogs and reading them; good to have the stories with the stamps :).

  4. Bronia schreef:

    Ha die Ilse, wat een mooie bijdragen deze keer. En wat leuk dat jij het hebt overgenomen van Laëtitia. Hier is mijn linkje:

  5. Sarah @ *Tadaam! schreef:

    Many thanks Ilse for this battle ! and good idea to turn your chestnuts into little characters !

  6. Laetitia schreef:

    nice , nice , nice!
    Je suis tellement désolée de n’avoir pas pu participer, bravo à toutes, merci Ilse!!

  7. Sophie schreef:

    How nice and funny and poetic are all these stamps ! A battle of stamps I didn’t participate to but so happy to look at all the creations. Congratulations to everybody !

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